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Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug. Intriguingly, under the umbrella of NPS, recreational users can find not only newly synthetized substances, but also old” compounds sold as supplements and weight-loss drugs or typically used in clinical setting, two of which have been investigated by Andrea Petróczi and her collaborators of the Kingston University (UK).
Other than the above named source of black market supply of these drugs, the other common means are those brought in from Mexico and Mexico's very lax, or perhaps the lack Non prescription pharmacies of, restrictions on prescription drugs; though this likely accounts for a smaller segment of the black market supply, there is really no way of knowing the proportions.

Before he was picked up by detectives in one of Sydney's more moneyed pockets last year, the French national was living the high life with business-class flights across the globe and stays in expensive hotels around the world funded by the enormous dark web dealing operation he ran out of Europe.
A criminologist at the University of Adelaide Law Schoolexplained that the group and others like it are examples of social drug dealing ,” where social media platforms (like Facebook) are becoming increasingly used by criminals ofall colors, allowing drug dealers to hide in plain sight.

Cryptomarkets are online venues for the purchase of drugs (and other contraband) protected by technology allowing for anonymous communication (e.g., Tor software, Seattle, WA) and using currency designed to be difficult to trace (i.e., cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin).
With each of these business opportunities all promising the potential of earning incredible income with very little or no work required; many people join with the expectation to actually see instant success with little effort only to soon find themselves listed among the over 90% of home based internet marketers who never make a dime and fail miserably.
With millions of people all over the world using all kinds of social media platforms, these methods of connecting are becoming hubs for illegal drug sales of all kinds — not just prescription drugs like opioids or benzodiazepines, but also marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens, and heroin.

A number of them specialize in providing drugs such as Viagra, the baldness therapy Propecia ( finasteride ), or the weight -loss treatment Xenical ( orlistat ). Others, based in foreign countries, promise to deliver prescription drugs at a much cheaper price than their domestic cost, but the drugs may be different from those approved in the United States or may be past their expiration dates.

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